The Dirty Linen Store is open!

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Dirty Linen Store

The Dirty Linen Store is open 24/7 365! No huge crowds! No waiting in line! Pick up something weird for that special someone… yourself! Or someone you know! Or a complete stranger! Anyone, really… Created by Baltimore artist Megan Amoss (weird artwork) and Paul Hartman (weird ideas)…

Dirty Linen is back!!!


Well… sort of. Within a few months we’ll make an announcement about Dirty Linen magazine back issues being available online. But now…

If you liked (or hated) some of the silliness of Dirty Linen such as the spine ticklers, the April Fool’s features, or the nonsensical photo captions, you might enjoy the brand shiny new items in the Dirty Linen Store. T-shirts, mugs, posters, and reusable grocery bags with gorgeous artwork featuring plenty of lyres, nyckelharpas, and bagpipes for the whole family, plus huge manatees, atomic ducks, a radio, and the world-renowned pugmpkin.

Tell your family, friends, and especially your enemies. It’ll be easier to spot them in a crowd when they wear strange attire.

Citizen of the Year!


Baltimore County Councilman David Marks has recognized Paul as “Citizen of the Year” for 2013 for his work with the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations, an umbrella group representing 30 community associations in the Towson area of Baltimore County.


You can still buy Dirty Linen!


If you want a great retro gift idea for someone special (or just for yourself), the Dirty Linen linen store is still open. Customizable T-shirts, hats, and the ever-popular apron are available. Proceeds from sales go to Paul & Sue Hartman.

The Dirty Linen merch store is still open!

You can remember your favorite folk/roots/world music magazine with a logo T-shirt, or mug, or cap, or various other nick-nacks.

I love this one, but you can customize whatever color and shirt style you prefer:


End of an era

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The old Dirty Linen P.O. Box has been closed. Since 1988, thousands of recordings, books, and videos have passed through the box. Uncountable flyers and catalogs for festivals, tours, and events. And more pre-approved credit card offers than you can shake a plastic stick at. This year the mail has reduced to a trickle, so it’s time to stop spending $224/year for the P.O. Box.

Everyone should stop mailing to P.O. Box 66600, Baltimore, MD 21239-6600, USA.


The address for Paul’s weekly radio show, Detour on WTMD, is:

Paul Hartman/Detour
WTMD 89.7
1 Olympic Place, Suite 100
Towson, MD 21204

Recordings sent there will be considered for airplay.

News & Views


I’m not big on blogging. I just don’t think people care about what I’m doing at any given moment… (Mon 8:02am Brushing teeth. 3rd upper left bicuspid anti-molar is looking a little yellow. I may have to buy some of that tooth whitening stuff.) To tell you the truth, even I don’t care. If someone Twittered about my every move, I think I’d shoot them. I don’t need a play-by-play.

But here are a few things that have gone on recently.

Some WTMD blogs

I was appointed to the Baltimore County telecommunications advisory panel. All that means is that if you have a problem with your Verizon or Comcast bill, I can tell you that I can’t do anything about it, although you don’t have to spend an hour on hold first. That’s an improvement.

I’ve been filling in at WTMD occasionally. I really like doing the noon-to-3 pm (Eastern Time) Mon-Fri shift where I get to pick 15-20 minutes of a “Live Lunch” feature artist. (The rest of the playlist is pre-chosen.) I’ve played live tracks by Sam Bush, Little Feat, Richard Thompson, and The Byrds recently. Coming up this week (Wed Nov 23 & Fri Nov 25) are Steeleye Span and Stan Rogers. On Veteran’s Day I did the mid-morning shift and snuck in songs by John Flynn (“Semper Fi”), Joel Mabus (“Touch a Name on the Wall”), and Bruuuuce Springsteen (“Chimes of Freedom”). You can listen in at And hike on over to their Facebook page if you want to tell them how cool Live Lunch is (wait until after I play it, please!)

Of course, I’m still doing Detour, the folk, roots, and world music show on Sundays 5-7 pm. Again, you can listen at and if you want to comment on the facebook page I won’t stop you. Playlists and Baltimore-area concert calendar are available at

Driftwood Magazine, the successor to Dirty Linen, got 5th place (out of 12) in the “Best Entertainment Blog” in the Baltimore Sun’s annual Mobbies voting for best Maryland blogs. Not bad for a blog covering music and not mentioning Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson even once.

And if anyone has a print media or software engineering (heavy duty C and/or assembly language) job in the Baltimore area, I’d be happy to talk to you.

— Paul

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