2009 Interview with Paul Hartman

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Here’s an interview I did last year that might still be of interest.

Paul Hartman on Dirty Linen

— Paul Hartman

The “Spinal Tap” of Morris Dancing?

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A note to our friends in the U.K. — Morris: A Life With Bells On will be making its television premiere on UKTV Blighty this Saturday 29 May at 8pm. Following the film, Morris the Making Of will feature the trials and tribulations of filming a California beach in rainy Dorset! That and other production secrets revealed by filmmakers Chaz Oldham and Lucy Akhurst.

Morris the Movie Widget

Spine Ticklers

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One popular feature of Dirty Linen is the “spine tickler” — the little words of wisdom (or something) on the spine where one would normally expect to see a list of contents of that issue. When Dirty Linen changed from saddle stitched (stapled) to perfect bound (with a spine) starting with issue #26, we chose to use the space differently. Over the years many people have asked what they mean, so it’s time to explain.

1) If you read them all in a row they tell a story. You need to fill in a few minor gaps, though. This was a clever marketing trick to make people buy every issue for fear of not being able to follow the plot. (Years later this idea was stolen by the producers of “Lost.”)

2) That part of the cover was intended to be blank. The spine ticklers were added by aliens between the time we sent the magazine to the printer and when it arrived at the printer. We attempted various solutions, including the trilithium gonkulator ray, tin foil (shiny side out, of course), and various Babylonian incantations spelled out in a bowl of Rice Krispies one morning, all to no avail.

3) They are clues that will be included in a better book than The DaVinci Code. A high-budget Hollywood film will follow starring Tom Hanks as Uncle Biff, Cecil will be played by Big Bird, and James will play himself.

4) It’s one small way for the editors to remain sane in the face of a looming deadline.

5) It’s a manifestation of #4 not working.

You have to decide… More

Review: Cold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wha?? by Christine Lavin

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Cold Pizza for BreakfastCold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wha??
by Christine Lavin
Tell Me Press (2010); ISBN 978-0-9816453-6-0; 480 pp; $21.95

Welcome to Christine’s World — not a Wyeth painting, but a place where one of the original Bitchin’ Babes becomes a Dishin’ Babe, and the grit of life according to folk music meets the glamour of Dame Edna. Both worlds sparkle in Christine Lavin’s humorous memoir of two decades as a musical performer, matchmaker, and midwife, bringing artists together and nurturing musical careers through her inspired pairings, songwriting workshops, and concerts.

Lavin operates on her own 3G network: Her particular genius is marked by a genuineness and generosity of spirit. In her roles as performer, producer, camp director, cookie baker, and knitting coach, Lavin appears to be most comfortable when she is sharing with a friend — whether it’s sharing the spotlight (literally), a chocolate-chip cookie recipe, her enthusiasm for her favorite craft, or her latest Broadway obsession. And by “friend,” she means anyone, because she delights in gathering up everyone she meets in one big party called Life, providing sustenance not only to musical relationships, but human ones, too. More

Beyond Petroleum

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RootsWorld has a great article on Louisiana musician Tab Benoit. This is particularly timely, considering Benoit’s campaign to preserve the rapidly diminishing wetlands (Voice of the Wetlands) and the current oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cover archive 2010

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Dirty Linen #145, Jan/Feb 2010

Dirty Linen #145, Jan/Feb 2010 - Red Molly, Tommy Sands, Houston Jones, Tracy Grammer, Maunalua, The Folk Brothers: Jack Hardy & David Massengill, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, John Denver: Around the World Live, concert reviews, recording reviews, book reviews, DVD reviews, Wee Folk, news

Cover archive 2009

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